New Tenant at Purdue Research Park Offers Drug Delivery System

A company that specializes in developing devices to deliver injected freeze-dried drugs, diagnostics and vaccines has become a tenant in the Purdue Research Park.

LyoGo, founded in 2009 by Rush Bartlett, Arthur Chlebowski, and Peter Greco, has developed patent-pending technology that stores a lyophilized, or freeze-dried, drug in one chamber and liquid diluents in the other. David Giddings, a medical industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, is CEO. Charles Haywood, business development adviser, also is president and CEO of Mansfield-King, a contract manufacturer of personal-care products that was the fifth-fastest growing company in Indiana in 2010.

LyoGo was formed for the purpose of developing innovative drug-delivery systems. LyoGo is focused on engineering delivery systems which offer a superior user experience, are intuitive to use, improve safety and sterility, and substantially reduce or eliminate the need for refrigeration at room temperature, which improves drug storage and distribution. LyoGo develops systems for delivering drugs that are intentionally designed to easily fit into the established drug-filling processes of leading pharmaceutical companies.”

This is cool technology because freeze dried drugs don’t necessarily require refrigeration and can be kept for years at room temperature instead of a few hours. (Case in point- I have a jar of Folger’s Freeze Dried Coffee Crystals of which I only use a couple of tablespoonfuls once a year to make Christmas cookies.  I have had the same jar for years, and my cookies still taste great- ask my husband…) Drugs like this can be used for stockpiling vaccines and for diabetes and cancer drugs.  This is an excellent addition to West Lafayette’s life science industry.

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August 24, 2010 – Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology R&D

Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology R&D – Challenges, Opportunities & Pathways

Sponsor: BioPharmaPM
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Time: 1:00:00 PM
Location:Online EST
The pharmaceutical and biotech industries have entered an era of unprecedented change and Action for Results, Inc. (AfR) consultant Thomas J. Schulze, PhD, PMP, plans to guide industry professionals through it in a complimentary webinar. Schulze will address the issues that arise from threats to the industry’s current business model including profitability challenges, patent expirations, cost constrained healthcare systems and demanding regulatory requirements. Additionally, he will help attendees understand the objectives and outcomes necessary for successful drug discovery research, development and commercialization.

Patrick J. Riley

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