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I found this fascinating quote today:

Chris continues our meeting by taking me on an amazing tour of their company (Miles POP) and HardingPoorman. Miles Press began operation in 1927 as a full-service commercial printer. In 1988 the organization developed a niche of specializing in printing on unique substrates such as vinyl, styrene, cling-z, static cling, and foils. On April 29, 2005, the company was purchased by SPG Graphics. To increase brand recognition, the name of Miles Press was changed to Miles Printing on Plastics (POP is also a spin off of “point of purchase”). On December 1, 2007 Miles POP became a certified 100% WBE (women’s business enterprise). Miles POP can handle the following print projects : Decals, Shelf Talkers/Danglers, Counter Mats, Signage, Schedules, Postcards with Removable Decals, Magnets, Frequent Buyer Cards, Static Cling/Cling-Z Decals, Membership Cards, Patented CD/DVD Packaging, Plastic Postcards plus many other endless pieces., Boundless Design, Dec. 2009

You should read the whole article.

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Marshall Goldsmith – Thank You!

Rose-Hulman’s Office of Outreach held an event on September 1, 2009 in Indy. The event featured one of RHIT’s most famous alums: Marshall Goldsmith. Very motivating, yet simple advice! Thank you!

I jotted a couple of thoughts during the speech:

  • Help more; judge less
  • Values aren’t what we say but what we do

Another coaching tip Marshall offered: Imagine that you are 95 years old and about to take your last breath. If you had a chance to go back in time to this very moment and offer one piece of advice to yourself, what would it be?

After leaving the event, I had a couple hour road trip. Plenty of time to reflect. One thing I thought about was thanking all those people and companies who have provided opportunities to me. Here is a short list:

  • Rose-Hulman – Is there a better engineering school?
  • Cook Medical – I had so many opportunities and responsibilty as an engineer fresh out of school. My experience at Cook established my professional foundation.
  • Theron, Inc. – I learned the good and bad of running a business. I’m forever grateful.
  • SonarMed – A medical device start-up willing to give me my first gig as Creo Quality.
  • Anson Group – Always there when I need them. I hope I help build their brand and integrity just a little bit.
  • FlowCo – Another med device start-up willing to trust my experience.
  • Suros (now Hologic) – Former colleagues from Cook willing to have Creo Quality help them multiple times.
  • Priio – Allowed Creo Quality to help refine their business using strategy.
  • Medical Polymers – Had faith in Creo Quality’s ability to help them improve efficiency.
  • Tomato Fish Marketing – Willing to bend over backwards to help Creo Quality grow. Great marketing partner!
  • INpact – I’m humbled by what this group has become. The credit belongs to the members.
  • My wife – There is no bigger chearleader for me and Creo Quality!
  • My kids – Have accepted that sometimes daddy works on the weekend. I plan to limit this and give them my full attention from now on. We all need this.
  • Boundless Design – Helps ensure the Creo Quality brand is as strong as possible. Plus, she is my sister and endured a great deal from me growing up. Sorry!
  • My parents – Thank you for establishing ethics, morals, and principles. I hope I can do half as good with my kids.
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